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[Dec. 9th, 2004|11:27 pm]
The RGV HQ for Computer Modding, OC'ing, PC Softwa


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Issue #5 of NN

Intel Confirms Virtualization and Security Technologies in 2006

"Intel Corp.’s president Paul Otellini recently confirmed the company’s plans to bring the security and virtualization capabilities of platforms code-named LaGrande and Vanderpool in 2006, in-line with previous expectations. Both capabilities are likely to advance computers by a significant margin, as both ignite new usage models."
-Anton Shilov, Xbit Labs

Logitech MediaPlay Wireless Mouse

Since the early 80's Logitec had manufactured and produced some of the best personal interface devices, from mice to keyboards to game controllers, they have been on the top. Every experienced computer gamer or power user knows the Logitec name, and the quality behind every Logitec product. The Logitec MediaPlay is just another addition to an already extensive family.

OCZ PowerStream 520W Power Supply

"The OCZ PowerStream series of Power Supplies includes adjustable 3.3, 5 and 12 volt rails, PowerShield connections for today’s power hungry video cards and a superb mirror finish. Combining looks and great performance these Power Supplies are the choice of overclockers everywhere."
-Dean Nottis, 3D Xtreme

Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu HeatSink

"Zalman has been bringing us quality products for our computers for over five years. Their goal is to make computers more user friendly by reducing the noise they generate. Let's face it, many of us put up with a lot of fan noise just so we can keep our components cool. But if you could get the same performance at a reduced noise level wouldn't you take it? Of coarse you would. Enter the Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu."
-Howard "HoJo" Wilburn, PimpRig

Seagate ST1 1-Inch Hard Disk Drive Review

"Today we would like to introduce to you a new one-inch hard disk drive from Seagate supporting CompactFlash interface. Based on the regular HDD architecture (featuring platters and heads), this product proved very fast, very reliable and robust against external physical vibrations and shock. And the most important is that it offers outstanding storage capacity at a very affordable price."
-Andrey Kuznetcov, Xbit Labs

Thermalright XP-90 AMD64 CPU Cooler Review

"Today 3DXtreme is taking a look at one of the most popular AMD64 Coolers on the market, the Thermalright XP-90. The Thermalright XP-90 seems to be the favorite method of air cooling by overclockers far and wide and is currently regarded as the best air cooler on the market. The Thermalright XP-120 may rival the XP-90 however with its gigantic size however the XP-120 only fits a few fortunate Motherboards. The XP-90 uses a smaller 92mm fan but is much more likely to fit an existing Socket 939 Motherboard. Let's take a look at the Specifications and get right into the review."
-Dean Nottis, 3D Xtreme